We have provided comprehensive and meticulous touring planning and support for 30 years

Since our first 'gigs' while still at school in the late 80's we have worked with thousands of live acts and events. Over the years we have worked with numerous touring events, music, theatre, corporate, motorsport and education.

Touring can be extremely hard work, if a tour is not meticulously prepared it can be devastatingly lonely. Proper planning is not simply good business practice, it is morally essential to secure the proper physical and emotional wellbeing of all parties involved. 

We have relationships with an extensive list of nationwide studios and practice facilities for tour rehearsal and laydown.

A properly managed tour is a truly memorable and rewarding experience. A poorly planned tour is hell on earth!

Our services include but are not limited to...

  • Tour Concept and Budget Planning
  • Venue Selection
  • Tour Itineraries
  • Accommodation selection and procurement
  • Physical and Emotional Welfare planning
  • AV, Backline, Transport and Road Crew Provision
  • Practice, Rehearsal and Recording Spaces
  • Ticketing Arrangements
  • Security Provision
  • Travel Planning
  • ​Personal Time and Space provision

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to offer a no obligation consultation to discuss your project in detail.